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MAFC Releases Report Looking at the Impact of Upper Mississippi River Lock and Dam Shutdowns on State Highway Infrastructure

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The Mississippi River is a critical corridor for transportation of agricultural products and, in turn, is critical to the economies of the states that utilize the river to transport these trade goods. The report assesses the total impact of lock and dam closures along the Upper Mississippi River and then demonstrates how the cost the closures, or improvements designed to mitigate their impact on the highway side, compare with the cost of improving Upper Mississippi River control structures.

UW-Madison Freight Researchers Helping Guide State Marine Transportation

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Wisconsin’s marine freight system is a tremendous asset for both a strong economy as well as a healthy environment in the state. And research conducted through the National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is helping multiple organizations and agencies target priority projects as they create and implement plans for the state’s freight infrastructure and economic development.

CFIRE Geoeconomist


Geoeconomist National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research & Education University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI CFIRE is currently looking to hire a Geoeconomist to support the freight-focused policy, planning, and engineering research for the ten states of the Mid-America Freight Coalition and other CFIRE initiatives. Applications are due on January 9, 2012. For the complete job description […]

Perry joins CFIRE Staff as MAFC Facilitator


We are pleased to announce that Ernest Perry will join CFIRE as the new facilitator of the Mid-America Freight Coalition, starting October 3. As MAFC Facilitator, Perry will focus on creating and driving innovation and partnerships that enable transportation agencies to provide and manage the freight infrastructure and services that move us, keep us safe, […]

Final Report: MAFC Outreach Materials


Researchers have recently completed the Develop and Disseminate Outreach Materials to Enhance Freight Investments in the Mississippi Valley Region (MAFC 08) project and issued a final report. This project created a new section on the MAFC website that contains information about freight and goods movements in each of the ten states of the Mid-America Freight […]

MAFC Program Director Position Available


National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI CFIRE is seeking to hire a program director for the Mid-America Freight Coalition. The program director facilitates and manages the MAFC research and outreach programs, conducts freight research, provides member services to coalition members, and represents the MAFC and CFIRE […]

MVFC Authorization Renewed

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At the recent meeting of the Mississippi Valley Conference of AASHTO, the Executive Committee of the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition authorized the Coalition for an additional two years, through 2012. The Executive Committee used the result of the MVFC Business Meeting, held in conjunction with the 2010 MVFC Conference and Annual Meeting, as the basis […]


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The US DOT is holding an online seminar to assist TIGER II grant applicants. The U.S Department of Transportation (USDOT) is sponsoring an educational seminar pertaining to the TIGER II Discretionary Grant program.  Entitled “Lessons on How to Compete For a DOT Discretionary Grant,” the seminar will be held on Tuesday, May 18, and will […]