Perry joins CFIRE Staff as MAFC Facilitator

Mid-America Freight Coalition 

We are pleased to announce that Ernest Perry will join CFIRE as the new facilitator of the Mid-America Freight Coalition, starting October 3. As MAFC Facilitator, Perry will focus on creating and driving innovation and partnerships that enable transportation agencies to provide and manage the freight infrastructure and services that move us, keep us safe, and support our economic growth.

Perry comes to CFIRE from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), where he’s worked since 1994. Most recently, he served as the Administrator of Freight Development in MoDOT’s Multimodal Operations Division. In this role, Perry led the creation of MoDOT’s nationally recognized Freight Development program, developed a freight tonnage estimator tool, partnered with the Missouri River waterway industry to increase freight movements on the river, and led intermodal studies to increase modal share for rail and waterways. Previously in his tenure at MoDOT, he also served as Research Director, Organizational Results Administrator, Senior Environmental Specialist, and Socioeconomic Specialist.

Perry has worked closely with freight leadership at AASHTO, FHWA, and MARAD, served on three NCFRP panels, participated in the Scan of European Union Freight Corridors, and hosted a number of regional and national freight conferences.

Perry holds a BS in Animal Science, an MS in Rural Sociology, and a PhD in Rural Sociology from the University of Missouri–Columbia.

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