2012 MAFC Annual Meeting

April 18-20, 2012 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The 2012 MAFC Annual Meeting was held on April 18-20, 2012 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About this Conference

The MAFC Annual Meeting brings together the representatives of the ten states of the MAFC as well as MPOs, university freight researchers, and transportation professionals from public sector agencies and private companies to discuss freight-related issues important to the ten member states, the MAFC region, and the United States as a whole.

Conference Materials



Some speakers showed YouTube videos during the course of their presentations.


The 2012 MAFC Annual Meeting is sponsored by the National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE), the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS), CDM Smith, and the ten states of the Mid-America Freight Coalition (MAFC).