2010 Annual Meeting

Note: Prior to October 2010, the MAFC operated as the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition (MVFC); this page continues to refer to the MVFC for historical purposes.

The 2010 MVFC Conference and Annual Meeting was held at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 27-29, 2010.

This event was sponsored by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and theĀ Ohio Department of Transportation.


Note: Only the sessions with archived presentations are listed in the proceedings. For a complete listing of the schedule of the 2010 Conference and Annual Meeting, consult the final program. Archived presentations are served as Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

April 27, 2010

Welcome Session

Jason Bittner & Teresa Adams, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Presentation)

Midwest FreightView

Peter Lindquist, University of Toledo (Presentation)

Corridor Resiliency

Teresa Adams & Kaushik Bekkem, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Presentation)

Commodity Profiles

  • Peter Lindquist, University of Toledo
  • Kazuya Kawamura, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Jane Lin, University of Illinois-Chicago (Presentation)

Freight: A National Perspective

  • Moving a Mountain?
    Chris Smith, AASHTO (Presentation)
  • Freight and the 2010 Surface Transportation Authorization
    Adrienne Gildea, CAGTC (Presentation)
  • US DOT TIGER Grants
    Teresa Adams, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Presentation)
  • Impacts of Federal Reauthorization on Midwest Freight
    Dennis Faulkenberg, Appian, Inc. (Presentation)

April 28, 2010

Water Transportation: A Panel Discussion
Rich Cooper, Port of Indiana (Presentation)
Bob Goodwin, MARAD (Presentation)
Rick Morgan, USACE (Presentation)

Rail Transportation: A Panel Discussion
Greg Levy, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company (Presentation)
Christopher Luebbers, Norfolk Southern Corporation (Presentation)
Carl Warren, CSX (Presentation)

Economic Development & Transportation: A Panel Discussion
David Holt, Conexus Indiana (Presentation)
Ed Wolking, Great Lakes Manufacturing Council (Presentation)
Dan Ricciardi, Columbus Region Logistics Council (Presentation)

April 29, 2010

There are no presentations from the April 29 MVFC Business Meeting. Attendees based their discussion on the following documents:

The draft summary from this meeting is forthcoming.