2017 Annual Meeting

2017 MAFC Annual Meeting Header

Held in Conjunction with
Ohio Conference on Freight
August 2-4, 2017
Columbus, OH

On August, the MAFC technical representatives from the 10 member states met in Columbus, Ohio for the 2017 MAFC Annual Meeting. This was the second year that the meeting was held in partnership with the Ohio Conference on Freight, a move that allowed MAFC members to join over 300 professionals from the private and public sectors from across the United States and Canada involved in freight and the economy.

This year’s theme was “Freight 2.0: The Rise of Smart Logistics.” Conference attendees learned how smart technologies are being incorporated into transportation infrastructure projects and explored the impacts these technologies will have on the future workforce, infrastructure, and economy as well as what these evolving technologies mean for the planning and operations at state and local agencies.

As part of the conference, there were two tours of regional facilities, the Transportation Research Center, the largest independent vehicle testing facility in the United States, and the Rickenbacker International Cargo Airport & Norfolk Southern Intermodal Facility.

MAFC would like to thank HDR, Inc. and CPCS for their support of MAFC events at the annual meeting.

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