2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 MAFC Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with MAASTO 2019, Aug. 12-14 Indianapolis, IN
The MAFC agenda is available here: 2019 Annual Meeting MAFC Agenda

The 2019 MAASTO agenda is available at the conference website.

Relevant freight presentations include those listed below. The presentation slides can be accessed through the presentation title links.

Missouri, Rolling Out a Platooning Program – Ensuring the Safety of the Crossroads of America
Slides: Missouri Vehicle Platooning

Minnesota, Rolling Out a Platooning Program – Ensuring the Safety of the Crossroads of America
Slides: Minnesota Platoon Program

Targeting Freight Mobility Needs Through Regional Freight Plans
Slides: Minnesota Freight Mobility Needs

Highway Technician CDL Apprentice Program: Building a Diverse Pool of Applicants for Succession Planning
Slides: ODOT Apprentice Program

Ohio’s Truck Parking Intelligent Management System (TPIMS) from Concept to Reality
Slides: Ohio TPIMS

Blockchain in Transport Alliance: Implications for New Tech for Freight Payments
Slides: Digitization of Freight and Transport  and BiTA Blockchain in Transportation Alliance

Illinois Marine Transportation System Plan and Economic Impact Analysis
Slides: Illinois Marine plan and impact study

Ohio’s Statewide Framework for CV/AV Deployments
Slides: Ohio AV CV deployment

Thanks to Indiana DOT and Kristin Brier and Donna Luley for help in organizing this meeting! 

Thanks to Keith Bucklew at HDR for support in this meeting. 

Photo Gallery – 2019 MAASTO and MAFC Annual Meeting. The MAASTO 2019 conference photo gallery can be found here. (Photos courtesy of MAASTO)