Location Quotients in the MAFC

A hot topic at this year’s TRB Annual Meeting was the role of our transportation system in achieving the economic goals set forth by President Obama (doubling exports) and MAP-21 (economic competitiveness). While we live and breathe transportation on a daily basis, it is important to remember that transportation is only one part of the […]

Wisconsin Multimodal Freight Network

As part of its Freight Mobility Action Agenda, The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has established a repository of information about the Multimodal Freight Network in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Multimodal Freight Network is composed of highways, local roads, rail lines, ports and airports. The network identifies the role of the different transportation facilities in shipping freight […]

Regional Freight Plan Informational Call

On Thursday, February 17 MAFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer conducted an informational conference call to discuss and elucidate the process for the MAFC Regional Freight Plan that’s currently underway. Members of the MAFC technical committee and senior policy staff from the ten MAFC departments of transportation attended the call. Here’s the presentation that Wittwer used as […]