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Regional Freight Study: Communications

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On the last day of the 2011 MAFC Annual Meeting, a small group of state, academic, and MPO representatives attended a workshop conducted by the MAFC communications staff. This workshop was designed to gather ideas about what sorts of communications materials and published products would most usefully communicate the results of the MAFC regional freight […]

Regional Freight Study: Key Industries

Annual Meeting Regional Freight Plan Research

Another element of the regional freight study is identifying major industries that will be the source of economic growth in the 21st century. These industries will be studied to better understand how transportation can be made a source of support for their growth. Participants in this breakout session at the 2011 MAFC Annual Meeting began […]

Regional Freight Plan Informational Call

Regional Freight Plan

On Thursday, February 17 MAFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer conducted an informational conference call to discuss and elucidate the process for the MAFC Regional Freight Plan that’s currently underway. Members of the MAFC technical committee and senior policy staff from the ten MAFC departments of transportation attended the call. Here’s the presentation that Wittwer used as […]