TSI Confirmed as Economic Indicator

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) recently released a new technical report, Transportation Services Index and the Economy—Revisited, that confirms that the Transportation Services Indexes (TSIs) both lead the economy, though in different ways. BTS extended the TSI back to 1979, examining five re­cessions and numerous growth cycles. “When the accelerations and decelera­tions of the freight […]

2012 Commodity Flow Survey Results Available

The US Census Bureau has released the results of the 2012 Commodity Flow Survey. The Commodity Flow Survey is conducted every five years as part of the Census Bureau’s economic census. The survey, a partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, is the primary source of national, state and selected metropolitan areas statistics […]

Critical Rural Freight Corridors Designation in TRR

An award-winning paper authored by CFIRE researchers was recently published in Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2410. Critical Rural Freight Corridors Designation: Implications of Truck Percentage Calculation by Alex J. Marach, Teresa M. Adams, and Ernest J. Perry… …proposes mileage-based, segment-based, and weighted average approaches to determine whether a corridor meets one […]

Freight Facts and Figures 2012

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has released a report that summarizes the volume and value of freight flows; the physical network for freight; the economic conditions that generate freight movements; the industry that carries freight; and the safety, energy, and environmental implications of freight transportation. For more information, download the Freight Facts and Figures 2012 […]

Final Report: Performance Measures for Evaluating Multi-state Projects

Researchers have recently completed the Performance Measures for Evaluating Multi-state Projects (MAFC 11) project and issued a final report. This project outlines a method, using the Chicago CREATE project as a case study, that considers the impacts of geographic and industry distribution of project benefits, intermodal impacts, and reliability, as well as the traditional benefits of […]

Final Report: Transportation Profiles for MAFC Commodities

Researchers recently completed the Transportation Profiles for MAFC Commodities (MAFC 10) project and issued a final report. This project developed information on the flow of commodities through the MAFC region. Part one developed two commodities in depth with narratives and illustrations to demonstrate the importance of efficient transportation to the industry along with some of the […]

CFIRE Researcher Position Available

National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI CFIRE is seeking to hire a researcher with significant experience in freight policy, planning, and engineering research to conduct research, education, and outreach projects for CFIRE and the Mid-America Freight Coalition. Applications are due July 6, 2011. For more information […]