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Wisconsin's Long-range Transportation Plan

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Officially adopted in 2009, Connections 2030 is the long-range transportation plan for Wisconsin. The plan addresses all forms of transportation; integrates transportation modes; and identifies policies and implementation priorities to aid transportation decision makers when evaluating program and project priorities over the next 20 years. Connections 2030 is a comprehensive transportation plan for moving people […]

Measuring Transportation Performance

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Many of us in the transportation community have been lamenting the lack of action at the federal level in the reauthorization of transportation programs. We have been operating on continuing resolutions and loans from the general fund for a very long time and Congressional action still seems years in the future. I recently had the […]

Ship Building on the Great Lakes

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In a recent issue of Freight Notes (No. 11), I reported comments made at a listening session sponsored by MARAD on the future of Great Lakes shipping. Some of those comments, which I said surprised me, questioned whether the shipbuilding industry on the Lakes had the capacity to build a new thousand-foot laker from scratch. […]

No Free Lunches

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We all learned at a young age that there is no free lunch, but most Americans seem to have forgotten that simple truism when it comes to public spending on transportation infrastructure. A recent Rockefeller Foundation survey, which was republished in the AASHTO Journal, found that two-thirds of respondents felt that a greater investment is […]

Fall 2010 Freight Notes

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The Fall 2010 edition of Freight Notes is now available for download. This issue contains articles about the MAFC regional freight plan project, MAFC outreach materials, a student-created freight plan for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and MAFC Facilitiator Ernie Wittwer’s take on transportation funding.

America's Marine Highways and the Missouri River

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We’ve had a couple of questions about the article on America’s Marine Highways in the most recent issue of Freight Notes. In response to a query about the M-70 corridor and ports on the Missouri River upstream from Kansas City, MVFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer had this to say: The M-70 corridor runs from Pittsburg to Kansas […]

Late Summer 2010 Freight Notes

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The (late) Summer 2010 edition of the MVFC Freight Notes is now available for download. This issue contains articles about the reauthorization of the MVFC, the America’s Marine Highways program, the addition of the M/V Mary Lynn to the freight capacity of the Missouri River, and MVFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer’s take on the FREIGHT Act […]

Spring/Summer 2010 Freight Notes

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The Spring/Summer 2010 edition of the MVFC Freight Notes is now available for download. In this issue, you’ll find a roundup of the 2010 MVFC Conference and Annual Meeting and Ernie Wittwer’s comments on the current state of national discourse on transportation funding.

Winter 2010 Freight Notes

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The Winter 2010 edition of the MVFC Freight Notes are now available for download. In this issue, you’ll find: A feature about returning freight to the Missouri River Information about current Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition projects A report on the Future of Interstate Coalitions TRB panel Information about the 2010 MVFC Conference and Annual Meeting A report on […]