America's Ten Best Transportation Projects

Mid-America Freight Coalition 

Three projects from MVFC states have been included in AASHTO’s top 10 finalists in the 2010 Transportation Awards competition.

Under Budget/Large Project: Missouri Department of Transportation

The I-64 St. Louis Project involved limited funds, an expedited construction schedule, and a coordinated public outreach campaign to allay public concern and minimize the potential impact on motorists. In December 2009, I-64 reopened to traffic nearly one month early and $11 million under budget.

On Time/Small Project: Iowa Department of Transportation

The 24th Street Council Bluffs Project employed innovative design, creative contracting, and accelerated construction techniques which allowed the bridge to be replaced while keeping the busy interchange open. Well-planned construction staging and intelligent transportation systems ensured that traffic capacity was maintained throughout the process, minimizing the effects on the surrounding community and businesses.

On Time/Medium Project: Kansas Department of Transportation

The Wichita Central Corridor Project was a $105 million project which involved the raising of two miles of railroad track and providing five new bridges to carry trains over the arterial streets below. Vehicles can now pass freely below the tracks, improving safety and reducing vehicle emissions, traffic congestion, and crashes.

The top 10 winners will compete for America’s Transportation Awards’ Grand Prize–to be selected by a panel of judges–and the People’s Choice Award, which will be decided by popular vote. Online voting beings today and will continue through October 18, 2010 at
The two remaining awards will be presented October 31, at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in Biloxi, Mississippi.

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