Traveler Information Clearinghouse

MAFC Research

As part of the Mississippi Valley Region’s Traveler Information Clearinghouse [link: MVFC06] project, a pilot system architecture has been developed that will be available to commercial vehicle operators and others in order to improve region-wide mobility and safety.

CFIRE Featured

CFIRE Research

CFIRE’s research on “Innovative Use of Spatial Data Assists in Solving Truck Parking Shortage” is featured in the January 2009 issue of the UTC Spotlight Newsletter.

Wittwer Named MVFC Facilitator


The Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition (MVFC) has a new facilitator with years of experience in regional freight transportation research. As MVFC completes its third full year serving a 10-state Midwest region, former CFIRE director Ernie Wittwer believes that members must continue outreach and peer collaboration efforts to meet multimodal regional freight needs in the 21st […]

MVFC Work Plan

CFIRE Funding MAFC Research

We are pleased to tell you that at the July 8 meeting of the Mississippi Valley Conference Board of Directors in Kansas City, the board unanimously approved the extension of the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition (MVFC) for two years and theworkplan for the 2008-2010 cycle.  At that meeting, Dr. Teresa Adams presented updates on the current projects and activities […]

Corridor of the Future Proposal


On October 20, 2006, the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition submitted a proposal for the Upper Midwest Corridor to be named a “Corridor of the Future” by the USDOT. Up to five Corridors will be selected through the Corridors of the Future Program. The MVFC was pleased to submit this proposal on behalf of the states […]