The MAFC supports a truly multi-modal system for freight at all levels. The MAFC trades heavily within the region, but also exchanges goods nationally and internationally. This section overviews the freight infrastructure system at both a state-by-state and an aggregate MAFC level. We use both the state and MAFC as a unit of comparison to the nation to display similarities and differences at various geographic extents. The freight infrastructure overview will cover road, waterway, air, and pipeline infrastructure in addition to other freight supporting facilities such as warehouses, ports of entry, and intermodal yards.

Support Infrastructure

The RFS perspective goes beyond highways, rail, air, water, and pipeline freight infrastructure and includes important support infrastructure. Freight transportation relies on a network of ports of entry, logistics services, warehouses, and intermodal yards to ensure the efficient movement of freight.

The overview of the freight system is aimed at providing the multi-modal context of the RFS and at displaying the location, density, and economic importance of freight.  Subsequent sections will expand upon the top level view of the transportation infrastructure in the MAFC in order to inform policy, investment, and strategic decisions in the MAFC states.