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Developing a Regional Regulatory Approach to Truck Platooning in the MAASTO Region

Mid-America Freight Coalition 

The Mid-America Freight Coalition, in cooperation with the MAASTO Working Group on Automation and Platooning, has published its report, Developing a Regional Regulatory Approach to Truck Platooning in the MAASTO Region: A Literature Review of the History, Progress, and Benefits of Truck Platooning.

Download the Truck Platooning Report

truck-platooning_tThis report provides an overview of the development of truck platooning and automation as well as the potential benefits from the implementation of truck platooning.
In an effort to establish a common or complementary set of regulations across the region, legislative actions developed in the MAASTO states that are designed to ease the adoption of this technology are examined. Nine areas of potential conflict between states and platooning regulations are identified across the MAASTO region.

The report concludes that the adoption of truck platooning is accelerating, but agencies and regulations may hinder this progress.
The overall goal is to develop a Midwest Truck Platooning Regulatory Model that provides for harmonization of regulations governing truck platooning across the MAASTO region.

Brochure Also Available

A brochure is also available that gives a concise overview of the report’s findings in a graphical format. This brochure may be helpful in conversations with state legislators or other decision makers.

Download the Truck Platooning Brochure

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