Wisconsin State Freight Plan Draft Released

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is holding five meetings throughout the state in order to share information and collect input on the draft State Freight Plan. The plan was released at the end of September and can be downloaded from the WisDOT website. The public comment period ends on November 14th.

People interested in attending these meetings and receiving updates on the plan can subscribe to the email list via a form on the WisDOT website at: wisconsindot.gov.

According to the WisDOT website, the State Freight Plan includes five key elements:

  1. Linking transportation investments to economic development activities
  2. Placing Wisconsin within a national and global context
  3. Engaging and reflecting the interests of a wide array of freight stakeholders
  4. Implementation – from planning to project development to programming
  5. Performance measures and management

The plan will play an important role in guiding the future of freight planning, funding, and infrastructure for Wisconsin.