Perry to serve on M-35 Advisory Group

MAFC program manager Ernie Perry has been invited to serve on the Advisory Group for the  M-35 (Waterway of the Saints) Marine Highway.

The Advisory Group consists of representatives from various stakeholder groups, including industry sectors, federal agencies, local governments, regional planning agencies, labor groups, academia, and environmental and flood control interests.  The representatives will serve in an advisory capacity, by identifying M-35 priorities and contributing to the policy group’s discussions.

“Participation on the M-35 Advisory Group is a great opportunity to support further collaboration across the MAASTO region and bring our marine freight experience to the table,” said Perry. “This is a critically important freight corridor and resource for the Midwest. These five states rely on this corridor for the movement of grain, fuels, chemicals and aggregates that support the economy. The focus on this marine highway, combined with UMBRA’s leadership, brings much needed attention to the economic importance of this corridor in moving grain, or with its potential to move containers or other commodities.”

The M-35 Marine Highway extends from St. Paul, Minnesota to Grafton, Illinois on the Upper Mississippi River. Under this designation, the states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin will work with industry and other regional partners to improve freight mobility through innovative, integrated strategic approaches as well as to promote the inland waterways as a means to relieve landside transportation congestion and improve the nation’s overall transportation system.
For more information about this and other marine highway routes, visit America’s Marine Highway Program.