FHWA RFA for Off Hours Freight Delivery Pilot Project Grants

The FHWA Office Office of Freight Management and Operations has released a RFA for Off Hours Freight Delivery Pilot Project Grants.
FHWA will award up to $450,000 in research grants to explore the benefits of delivering goods during “off hours” in small- and medium-sized urban areas with growing congestion problems. Working with the Environmental Protection Agency, the pilot will look at how truck deliveries made outside of peak and rush hours — ¬†when there is less traffic on the highways — can save time and money for freight carriers, improve air quality and create more sustainable and livable cities.
The FHWA anticipates the funding will be used to help businesses retool their operations to accommodate shipments during off hours and distributors reconfigure routes and supply chains. All levels of government are eligible to apply. While transportation agencies are eligible to apply for the grants, FHWA encourages them to partner with businesses involved in freight movement.
For more information, consult the solicitation at grants.gov.

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