CSX Columbus, OH

Gate Entrance: 2351 West Belt Drive, Columbus, OH 43228 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-270 | MAFC Corridors: I-70

BUK is one of five CSX intermodal terminals in Ohio. The others are located in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Marion, and North Baltimore. CSX Columbus (BUK)) is also referred to as Buckeye Yard. Buckeye Yard is owned by two railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern (NS), as part of the Conrail purchase. NS owns the classification yard and western portion of the yard. NS uses Buckeye Yard primarily for storage. CSX Columbus is located on the eastern side of the classification yard. The gift wholesaler Columbus Marketplace sold land to CSX in 2010 allowing for expansion of the intermodal yard to accommodate container traffic stemming from the Northwest Ohio ICTF in North Baltimore.

The $59 million expansion of the Columbus facility was completed in 2013, adding 24 acres to a total of 36 acres and doubling capacity from 180,000 to 360,000 lifts per year. High tech cranes on tracks are used at Buckeye.

Direct access to the facility is via I-270. The intermodal terminal falls within the I-70 corridor and slightly outside the I-71 corridor.

Intermodal Connectors

There are a number of intermodal connectors that provide CSX and NS access to Buckeye Yard.

  • Roberts Road
  • Westbelt Drive
  • Trabue Road

Intermodal Lanes

This facility handles domestic/private container as well as international containers. CSX partners with Union Pacific to provide a domestic interline container service for domestic moves called UMAX. Specific destinations according to CSX are listed in the following table.

Destination COFC IC UMAX
Baltimore, MD X X
Chicago 59th St., IL X X
City Of Industry, CA X
Dallas, TX X
Denver, CO X
El Paso, TX X
Elizabeth Marine Terminal (EMT), NJ X
Houston, TX X
Jacksonville, FL: Talleyrand Marine Terminal (TMT) X
Laredo, TX X
Las Vegas, NV X
Lathrop, CA X
Los Angeles, CA X
Miami, FL X
Montreal ICTF X
North Kearney, NJ X
New York, NY: NYC Terminal X
Oakland, CA X
Orlando, FL X
Philadelphia, PA X X
Phoenix, AZ X
Portland, OR X
Portsmouth APMT, VA X
Portsmouth NIT, VA X
Port Newark Terminal, NJ X
Rio Valley, TX X
San Antonio, TX X
Salt Lake City, UT X
Sparks, NV X
Tacoma (SIM) WA X
Tampa, FL X
Tucson, AZ X
Worcester, MA X

Lift Counts

According to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, this terminal handled 180,000 lifts in 2010 even though it was built to handle 100,000 lifts per year.  In 2012, the facility handled 150,000 intermodal lifts according to Columbus 2020.

Warehousing and Distribution

The following map shows the locations of warehouses and distribution centers in the vicinity of the CSX Columbus facility.