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Completed Freight Plans

Kansas City Regional Freight Outlook Study: The report has a generally positive outlook on Kansas City’s freight capabilities, predicting continued competitiveness in transportation-related industries and an ability to draw business to the region. The report’s primary findings and recommendations included improving the region’s data collection and transportation/land use planning efforts, creating public-private partnerships, and continuing to invest in rail and intermodal freight infrastructure.
Published in 2009 by the Mid-America Regional Council and SmartPort, with consulting by TranSystems and funding by the Kansas and Missouri Departments of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Federal Transit Administration.
Missouri Statewide Freight Study: The study was conducted in order to “inventory the existing system, identify key components and needs, and identify current trends to forecast future needs,” with an emphasis on adapting to a business climate characterized by globalization, an emerging service economy, and evolving “business logistics” systems. The study recommends working towards the goals of increasing system reliability, improving data gathering systems, expanding intermodal connections, increasing use of intelligent transportation system (ITS) technology compliant with National ITS Architecture standards, and involving freight stakeholders in the policymaking process.
Published in 2005 by the Missouri Department of Transportation.