Primary Technical Contact

Sam Hiscocks
Freight Coordinator
Office of Systems Planning
Iowa Department of Transportation

Years in Organization 2
Years in Freight 1
Modal Expertise Not specified
Data & Modeling Expertise Not specified
Planning Expertise Not specified
Operations Expertise Not specified
Primary Freight Responsibilities The Planning Team in the Office of Systems Planning is responsible for the development of the state and modal transportation plans for the Department. I am responsible for the freight planning activities including the collection of freight information, development of a freight plan and working with the Freight Advisory Council. I am also responsible for compiling and analyzing freight data (highway, rail, waterway, air, and pipeline) for use in the development of freight planning reports, studies, and plans. I maintain and update various freight planning databases and collect and analyze the railroad annual reports, as well.
Education Bachelor of Science, Community & Regional Planning, Environmental Studies Iowa State University
Contact Info
Phone Number 515.239.1004
Website IDOT Office of Systems Planning

Organization Information

Freight Planning Sam Hiscocks
Freight Planning
Highway Operations & Maintenance Sandra Larson
Systems Operations Bureau
Trucking & OSOW Phou Baccam
Motor Carrier Services
Railways Amanda Martin
Office of Rail Transportation
Waterways Sam Hiscocks
Iowa’s Waterway System
Aviation Michelle McEnany
Office of Aviation
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Freight Plans Rail Transportation Plan
Aviation System Plan
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