Primary Technical Contact

Bob Zier
Multimodal Planning and Programs
Indiana Department of Transportation

Years in Organization 5
Years in Freight 2
Modal Expertise From on-the-job experience and interaction with the community and experts.
Data & Modeling Expertise I have experts who advise and explain.
Planning Expertise Planning has been part my career in every position I have held.
Operations Expertise I have been in operations for over 37 years.
Primary Freight Responsibilities Air, Rail, Freight and Transit
Education Bob Zier earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and English from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg, Va. He also holds an education certificate from the University of Virginia in Northern Virginia and a certificate from the Banking School at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.
Contact Info
Phone Number 317.233.2376
Website Not specified

Organization Information

Freight Planning Jack Kimmerling, Freight Office Manager
(317) 232-0908
INDOT Multimodal
Highway Operations & Maintenance Highway Operations
Trucking & OSOW Mark Michael
(317) 232-0925
INDOT Multimodal
Railways Mike Riley, Rail Office Manager
(317) 232-1491
INDOT Multimodal
Waterways Jack Kimmerling, Freight Office Manager
(317) 232-0908
Ports of Indiana
Aviation Kevin Rector, Aviation Office Manager
(317) 232-1477
INDOT Multimodal
Additional Information
Freight Plans Indiana Multimodal Frieght and Mobility Plan
INDOT State Rail Plan
Indiana State Aviation System Plan
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