Freight Resources and Plans

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning: The Freight Committee is comprised of representatives from freight industry organizations, private railroads, trucking companies, consultants, researchers, planners as well as representatives of local, regional and state governments seeking to improve goods movement in metropolitan Chicago. The charge is to identify, assess and respond to goods movement travel issues and opportunities and provide overall guidance for the development of the regional goods movement component of the Regional Comprehensive Plan.

Illinois Long Range State Transportation Plan: The purpose of the Long Range State Transportation Plan (Plan) is to set forth policies and goals that guide the development of the state transportation system. The Plan identifies issues and key needs that will guide IDOT in their investment decisions for the state transportation system over the forthcoming twenty years. To comply with state law, the existing Long Range State Transportation Plan that was updated in December 2007 will be renewed and submitted to the Governor, General Assembly, Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration by December 31, 2012.

Metropolitan Chicago Regional Plan (GO TO 2040): GO TO 2040 is the region’s long-range comprehensive plan to link transportation, land use, the natural environment, economic prosperity, housing, and human and community development.

Illinois State Rail Plan: The Illinois State Rail Plan will be incorporated into the Long Range State Transportation Plan (LRTP).

Chicago Freight Plan – Chicago Metropolis 2020: Chicago Metropolis 2020 is recommending a series of actions to create a freight system, and region, that work.

Illinois OSOW Guidelines: Resources for the permitting and movement of oversize and overweight freight in Illinois.

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