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America's Marine Highways and the Missouri River

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We’ve had a couple of questions about the article on America’s Marine Highways in the most recent issue of Freight Notes.┬áIn response to a query about the M-70 corridor and ports on the Missouri River upstream from Kansas City, MVFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer had this to say: The M-70 corridor runs from Pittsburg to Kansas […]

Late Summer 2010 Freight Notes

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The (late) Summer 2010 edition of the MVFC Freight Notes is now available for download. This issue contains articles about the reauthorization of the MVFC, the America’s Marine Highways program, the addition of the M/V Mary Lynn to the freight capacity of the Missouri River, and MVFC Facilitator Ernie Wittwer’s take on the FREIGHT Act […]

Recommendations for Reauthorization

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As part of the Recommendations for Reauthorization project (MVFC 09), we’ve produced a series of one-page, topic-based documents that encapsulate the MVFC’s positions regarding the next federal surface transportation bill. Funding Freight Programs Institutional Issues for Freight Rail Transportation Maritime Transportation Freight Performance Measures Truck Size and Weight These documents were distributed to attendees at […]

Marine Highway Rule Now Final

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With the most recent edition of the Federal Register, America’s Marine Highway Rule became final: On October 9, 2008, the Department of Transportation published an interim final rule that established America’s Marine Highway Program, under which the Secretary will designate marine highway corridors and identify and support short sea transportation projects to expand domestic water […]