Archive: January 27, 2022

Truck Parking

What do current supply chain challenges mean for truck parking shortages? While the world of logistics is seeing new pressures exacerbated by an “…online shopping boom, lower inventories and federal mandates on driver rest…”, truck parking and related driver safety issues persist. A recent article from Bloomberg highlights continued truck parking issues in light of continued supply chain disruption. The article, “Sleepy Truckers Get Forgotten in Supply Crisis Choking Economy”, is available at this link.

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Photo from: is a rendering of shipping containers on a container barge on the Mississippi River with surrounding landscape of trees, water, and blue sky dotted with small puffy white clouds.

A Marine Freight Renaissance?

Many major cities around the world were founded on marine transportation corridors. St louis lays claim to this history and is working towards revolutionizing container freight movement in the region. Read about the promising and long-awaited Container on Barge (COB) development for the Mississippi River in the article “New St. Louis port bringing container ships up the Mississippi will revolutionize Midwest shipping, officials say”. The article is available at this link. (Photo credit: American Patriot Holdings, LLC.)