MAFC States Oversize/Overweight Regulations

Methodology of the Study

Regulations were categorized into a number of parts:

  • Information required from a permit applicant
  • Hours of operation
  • Signing requirements
  • Lighting requirements
  • Escort requirements
  • Maximum allowable loads
A web search was then completed to list the requirements of each of the ten states in these categories. The results are displayed in a series of tables with each state receiving a green square to indicate that the listed requirement applied to it. Harmony among the states can be seen when all squares are green for a specific regulation. Disharmony is indicated when only one or two squares are green in any row.

In some categories, such as information required from a permit applicant, a fairly high degree of harmony exists. In many others, disharmony is the rule.

These results should be considered preliminary since they are the result of a web search. The materials on the web for some states do not speak directly to each issue. For some the materials available required interpretation. In many cases the rules for a given state are similar to those of other states, but not the same and are listed separately.

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Oversize/Overweight Policies

Permit Information Required

Case 1: Hypothetical MN - KY Scenario