The Mid-America Freight Coalition work plan includes funding for projects addressing multi-modal and freight planning issues in the Mississippi Valley region and beyond. Links to current and completed MAFC projects lead to pages on the CFIRE website.

Current Projects

Completed Projects

  • MVFC 01: Regional Freight Transportation Workshop and Meetings
  • MVFC 02: Logistics for the Public Sector Training Course
  • MVFC 03: Model Freight Planning Approaches
  • MVFC 04: Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition Expanded Truck Parking
  • MVFC 05: Assessment of Multimodal Freight Bottlenecks and Alleviation Strategies for Upper Midwest Region
  • MVFC 06: Mississippi Valley Freight Information Clearinghouse
  • MVFC 07: 2008 MVFC Workshop
  • MVFC 08 : MVFC Outreach Materials
  • MVFC 09: Regional Recommendations for Reauthorization
  • MVFC 10: Transportation Profiles for MVFC Commodities
  • MVFC 11: Performance Measures for Evaluating Multi-state Projects
  • MVFC 12: Critical Sections and Resiliency of Freight Corridors in the Mississippi Valley Region
  • MAFC 13: MAFC Regional Freight Study
  • MAFC15: From the Ground Up – Aligning State Freight Plans to Enhance State Collaboration and Establish Regional and National Harmonization of Freight Priorities
  • MAFC 16: Modal Investment Comparison: The Impact of Upper Mississippi River Lock and Dam Shutdowns on State Highway Infrastructure
  • MAFC 17: Developing a Regional Regulatory Approach to Truck Platooning in the MAASTO Region
  • MAFC 18: Identification and Characterization of the MAASTO Region’s Multimodal Freight Network
  • MAFC 19: Assessment of Multimodal (Marine and Highway) Bottlenecks in the MAASTO Region 2018-2019
  • MAFC 20: Freight Data Inventory and Training
  • MAFC 21: Identification of Urban Truck Parking Locations in the MAASTO Region
  • MAFC 22: Quantifying the Value of Multimodal Freight Investments
  • MAFC 23: OSOW Support for MAASTO SCOHT and MCC (report without appendices)
  • MAFC 23 Appendices: OSOW Support for MAASTO SCOHT and MCC (Appendices and cover)

Other Projects