UP Kansas City, MO

Gate Entrance: 4801 Gardner Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64120 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate access:  I-435, I-29, I-35 MAFC Corridors: I-29, I-35, I-70

Union Pacific’s (UP) Kansas City TOFC-COFC facility is also referred to as the Neff Yard Intermodal Terminal (NEF). This terminal can be accessed by a number of routes. It is also located within the I-70, and the I-29/35 corridors.

According to UP’s 2012 Form 10-K, Neff Yard is one of UP’s largest classification yards handling an average daily car volume of 1,000 cars in 2012. North of Neff Yard is the KCS-MILW Joint Agency Yard.

This facility is located on the KC-Metro Subdivision.  According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database, the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad (MNA) and BNSF have trackage rights over yard.

The metropolitan region of Kansas City includes counties in Missouri and Kansas. NEF, located in Missouri, is one four intermodal terminals in the metro area. Kansas City is considered a gateway as much traffic is distributed to regional markets by trucks. The high level of freight activity and foreign trade zones classifies Kansas City as an Inland Port region. The Kansas City Smartport is an organized economic development organization that promotes supply chain strategy for the logistics and transportation industries.

Intermodal Connectors

  • Armour Road
  • Chouteau Trafficway

Intermodal Lanes

Kansas City handles all container types, domestic and international. According to UP’s service matrix, the service locations are:


  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Portland, OR

International Container only

  • ICTF Los Angeles, CA


  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Stockton, CA: Lathrop (LAT)

Domestic Containers/International

  • Oakland, CA
  • Seattle, WA

Lift Counts

  • 2012: Not available
  • 2011: Not available
  • 2010: Not available
  • 2009: Not available

Warehousing and Distribution

The following map shows the locations of some warehouses and distribution centers in the vicinity of the UP Kansas City facility.

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