UP Dupo, IL (St. Louis)

Gate Entrance: Highway 3 & State Street, Dupo, IL 62239 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-255, I-55/70/64 at IL-3  MAFC Corridors: I-55

Union Pacific’s (UP) Dupo Intermodal Terminal (DPO) is located in the town of Dupo, IL across the Mississippi River from St. Louis. The terminal can be accessed via Interstate 255, St. Louis’ southern eastern ring interstate. Highway 3, a National Highway System (NHS) route connects to I-70/55/64 approximately eight miles north of DPO. DPO is also located within three miles of I-55.

According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database, this facility is located on the Chester Subdivision. BNSF has track rights over this subdivision.

This terminal is on the same line as the Global IV facility in Joliet. This line also serves as the high-speed passenger rail line to St. Louis. Negotiations with the State of Illinois have indicated the need to have a second main line that would accommodate forecasted freight volumes from/to Global IV in the future.  A new interchange at I-255 at David Street Ferry Road would improve access to the facility eliminating some at grade crossings. Union Pacific has indicated that the facility will be expanded.

Other economic development plans that require improved interstate access is the proposed Discover Business Park. The industrial park’s first phase is an 840-acre concept.

Intermodal Connectors

  • Main Street
  • Carondelet Avenue

Intermodal Lanes

Dupo handles all container types, domestic and international. The following table show the types of cargo that is moved to the following destinations according to UP’s service matrix.

Destination Terminal TOFC COFC International Container
Dallas, TX X X X
Houston, TX X X X
ICTF, Los Angeles, CA X
Laredo, TX X
Los Angeles, CA X X
Oakland, CA X X
Portland, OR X X
Salt Lake City, UT X X
Seattle, WA X X
Stockton, CA: Lathrop (LAT) X

Lift Counts

Data reported by various Union Pacific annual reports and the St. Louis Regional Freight Study. Counts are listed by year.

  • 2012: 140,000
  • 2011: 108,904
  • 2010: 104,129
  • 2009:  N/A

Warehousing and Distribution

The following map shows the locations of warehouses, and distribution centers in the vicinity of the UP Dupo (St. Louis facility).

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