NS Toledo, OH

Gate Entrance: 2101 Hill Avenue, Toledo, OH 43607 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-75, I-80/90, I-475 | MAFC Corridors: I-75

Norfolk Southern’s (NS) Toledo Intermodal Terminal (MPH) is one of five intermodal terminals in Ohio. Two intermodal terminals are located in Cincinnati, one in Columbus and one in Cleveland. MPH is also referred to as Airline Junction Yard.

According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database, the facility is located on the Chicago Line Subdivision. The NS Detroit District Subdivision also accesses this facility. Amtrak has trackage rights over tracks running through the terminal. The terminal is across from the University of Toledo’s South Campus.

In 2012 NS completed a $12.4 million expansion to this terminal. The idea for expansion did not come from NS but from Toledo’s Mayor’s office. The Evaluating the Economic Impacts of Expanded Truck-Rail Intermodal Capacity in Northwest Ohio: Airline Junction study was the impetus for regional freight-related business support. The Joint Intermodal Task Force (JITF) approached NS with the study’s results.

Intermodal Connectors

  • Hill Avenue

Intermodal Lanes

According to the Norfolk Southern, the Toledo facility has TOFC/COFC capabilities and serves the following destinations.


  • Ayer, MA: Ayer (AYR)
  • Buffalo, NY: Bison Yard (BSN)
  • Chicago, IL:  63rd Street (N63)
  • New York Metro, NY: NJIT Croxton (NJT)

Lift Counts

According to NS, this facility had 35,365 lifts in 2010. According to the an article from the Toledo Blade, current lifts number 170 to 180 a day with capacity to double the number of lifts.

Warehousing and Distribution

The following map shows the locations of warehouses and distribution centers in the vicinity of the NS Toledo facility.

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