NS Columbus, OH

Gate Entrance: 3329 Thoroughbred Drive, Columbus, OH 43217 | Google Map | Website | Interstate Access: I-270 | MAFC Corridors: None

Norfolk Southern’s (NS) Columbus Intermodal Terminal (RIC) is one of five intermodal terminals in Ohio. This intermodal terminal is most often referred to as the Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal because it is adjacent to the Rickenbacker Airport. This facility is a 125-acre facility that could be expanded to 300 acres. It has capacity for 250,000 lifts per year. RIC anchors the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park, which is served by CSX and NS. Rickenbacker is considered to be an Inland Port. The facility is located 18 miles from Columbus and has been in operation since March 2008. The Columbus intermodal facility is a part of the NS Heartland Corridor.

Connections to I-270 can be made via Portsmouth-Columbus Road/US 23 and Alum Creek Drive.

According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database, the facility is located on the Columbus District Subdivision.

Intermodal Connectors

This facility has a number of NHS routes in the vicinity of the intermodal terminal. The following are intermodal connectors:

  • Ashville Pike
  • Duvall Road
  • Rickenbacker Parkway

Intermodal Lanes

According to Norfolk Southern, the following COFC services originate at the Columbus facility. Inbound services from the same locations are TOFC/COFC.

  • Chicago, IL: Landers (LND)
  • New York Metro: Elizabeth Marine Terminal (EMT)
  • Norfolk, VA: Portlock (NFK)
  • Norfolk, VA: Norfolk International
Terminal (NIT)
  • Norfolk, VA: Portsmouth APMT (PMT)

Lift Counts

According to NS, this facility had 138,948 lifts in 2010.

Warehousing and Distribution

The following maps show the locations of warehouses and distribution centers in the vicinity of the NS Rickenbacker facility.

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