NS Chicago—63rd Street

Gate Entrance: 169 East 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60637 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-90/94 | MAFC Corridors: I-90, I-94

Norfolk Southern’s (NS) 63rd Street intermodal terminal (N63) is one of four NS intermodal terminals in Chicago. The other terminals are: NS Chicago (Landers Yard), Calumet, and 47th St.

This terminal, according to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database is located on the NS Chicago Line Subdivision. Both Amtrak and CSX have trackage rights over this line. There are a number of warehouses near Wentworth and pockets of industrial activity but the majority of land use is residential.

Intermodal Connectors

There are a number of intermodal connectors in the vicinity. However only 63rd Street is needed for direct access from I-90/94. Other entrances exist on 63rd and 61st.

  • 59th Street
  • 61st Street
  • 63rd Street
  • State Street
  • Wentworth Avenue
  • Yale Avenue

Intermodal Lanes

According to Norfolk Southern, the following services originate at 63rd Street.


  • Allentown/Bethlehem, PA (ALB)
  • Baltimore, MD: Bayview (BAY)
  • New York Metro, NY: NJIT Croxton (NJT)
  • Pittsburgh, PA: Pitcairn (PIT)


  • Harrisburg, PA: Rutherford Intermodal Terminal (RFD)
  • Philadelphia, PA: Morrisville Intermodal Terminal (MRV)


  • The NS 63rd terminal also receives TOFC/COFC traffic from Toledo.

Lift Counts

Data reported by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Counts are listed by year.

  • 2012: 312,750
  • 2011: 341,552
  • 2010: 318,952
  • 2009: 256,570
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