INRD Indianapolis, IN

Gate Entrance: 1500 S. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-70 | MAFC Corridors: I-65, I-70

The Indiana Rail Road Company (INRD), a Class II regional railroad, opened the Senate Avenue Intermodal Terminal in collaboration with Canadian National (CN) in Indianapolis on July 1, 2013. This facility will serve as a match back opportunity for shippers in Indiana.  It is considered an emerging intermodal terminal.

According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas, The terminal is located on INRD’s Indianapolis Subdivision. Containers will be moved by CN from Newton and connect to CN’s mainline in Effingham.

Intermodal Connectors

There are no intermodal connectors in the vicinity. According to FHWA, the criteria for intermodal connector status is as follows: 50,000 TEUs per year, or 100 trucks per day, in each direction on the principal connecting route, or other units measured that would convert to more than 100 trucks per day in each direction.

Intermodal Lanes

This facility provides COFC services to the following destinations:

  • Vancouver BC
  • Port of Prince Rupert, BC

Lift Counts

No data available since facility opened in July 2013.

Warehousing and Distribution

The following map shows warehouses and distribution centers in the vicinity of the INRD Senate Avenue Intermodal Terminal.

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