BNSF Logistics Park—Kansas City

Gate Entrance: 32880 W. 191st Edgerton, Kansas 66030 | Google MapWebsite | Interstate Access: I-35 | MAFC Corridors: I-35

BNSF’s Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC) opened on September 30, 2013. It is located 30 miles southwest of Kansas City in Edgerton, KS.  The new facility will replace the 45-acre Argentine Yard Intermodal Terminal in downtown Kansas City. Argentine will close once all traffic is moved to LPKC.

LPKC is a 443-acre, $250 million state-of-the-art facility with five wide-span electric cranes, 4,300 container stacking spots and six 8,000-foot strip tracks. There is enough parking to accommodate 1,800 trucks. NorthPoint Development has acquired 1,300 acres surrounding the intermodal terminal that will be developed for warehouse and distribution facilities. This facility is an Inland Port.

Access to the facility is via I-35 at the Homestead interchange. As part of this development a heavy haul corridor on 191st connects the intermodal facility to the logistics portion of the development. However the heavy haul route does not continue to I-35. BNSF provides directions and a schematic of the LPKC.

According to the 2013 National Transportation Atlas Database, LPKC is located on BNSF’s Emporia Subdivision. Union Pacific (UP) has trackage rights over this line. LPKC is also located on BNSF’s Corridors of Commerce, specifically the MidCon Corridor.

Intermodal Connectors

There are no intermodal connectors currently assigned to this facility.

Intermodal Lanes

This COFC facility services the following destinations according to BNSF:

  • Chicago. IL: Corwith (CRW)
  • Houston, TX: Pearland (PEA)
  • Los Angeles, CA: Hobart (HOB)
  • Los Angeles, CA:  Los Angeles Harbor APM Trml-Pier 400(LAP)
  • Los Angeles, CA:  TICSEA
  • Los Angeles, CA:  TICTF Yusen (LAY)
  • Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Pier A (LBA)
  • Long Beach, CA: LB Container Terminal (LBCT)
  • Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Pier J (LBJ)
  • Long Beach, CA: Long Beach Pier T (LBT)
  • Long Beach, CA: (PCT)
  • Long Beach, CA: ITS
  • Los Angeles, CA: Global Gateway
  • Los Angeles, CA: West Basin
  • Oakland/San Francisco, CA: Oakland International Gateway (OIG)
  • Phoenix, AZ: Glendale (GLN)
  • Seattle, WA: Seattle Intl Gateway (SIG)
  • Stockton, CA: Stockton Intermodal Facility (MOR)

Lift Counts

LPKC has the capacity to process 500,000 lifts per year. Argentine Yard processed over 300,000 lifts in 2012. When BNSF builds out LPKC, it will have the capacity of 1.5 million lifts per year.

Warehouse and Distribution

NorthPoint has announced a few tenants. Delong, Co. has opened a grain transload facility. DEMDACO is located in a 326,000 square foot distribution facility. Smart Warehousing will build a 575,000 square foot distribution center. NorthPoint is also building a 500,000 square foot speculative warehouse.

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