Research Team

The University of Wisconsin–Madison (Lead Institution)

Principal Investigator: Teresa Adams, PhD
The University of Wisconsin–Madison is unique in that transportation topics are studied across several different parts of campus. With the help of CFIRE, these departments are working together more. Students benefit greatly from this cooperation, as they get to look at different perspectives of a complex topic. The Transportation Management and Policy Graduate Certificate Program has furthered the education of transportation students by providing a cross-disciplinary opportunity to study transportation. As the CFIRE lead institution, UW-Madison students and faculty gain from being at the center of cutting-edge interdisciplinary transportation research from various institutions.

The University of Illinois–Chicago

Faculty Representative: Kazuya Kawamura, PhD
Since 1979, Urban Transportation Center at UIC has worked with national, state, regional and local transportation agencies, non-profits, industry and other universities to address issues such as congestion and demand management, land-use and urban sprawl, transportation data and software, freight planning and forecasting and social equity in mobility and accessibility of all sectors of urban populations, to mention a few research topics. The interdisciplinary center brings together faculty, students, and staff from various departments to address transportation issues.

The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Faculty Representative: Alan Horowitz, PhD
At the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, transportation is highlighted at the Center for Urban Transportation Studies (CUTS), an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students who share a common interest in the various aspects of transportation. Faculty associated with the Center for Urban Transportation Studies have participated in a wide range of outreach activities ranging from teaching of short courses, workshops, and institutes to provision of on-line transportation information retrieval services

The University of Wisconsin–Superior

Faculty Representative: Richard Stewart, PhD
The University of Wisconsin–Superior, Wisconsin’s public liberal arts college, offers an undergraduate major in Transportation and Logistics Management. This program was designed with the aid of business educators and industry leaders, and it is the first of its kind in Wisconsin. Students majoring in this program enjoy the benefits of UW-Superior’s personal attention to students and its quality business programs, as well as Superior’s role as a Midwest transportation hub.

The University of Toledo

Faculty Representative: Peter Lindquist, PhD
In addition to being a CFIRE consortium member, The University of Toledo University Transportation Center (UT-UTC), a Tier II UTC, focuses on economic development through transportation research and education. The initial plan for the Center was articulated by businesses that depend on transportation to compete successfully in a global economy. The focus and activities of the UT-UTC meet the needs expressed by these external stakeholders. The University of Toledo is also the home of the Intermodal Transportation Institute, whose vision is to develop technology-enabled intermodal transportation systems and supply chains that promote economic development and quality of life.

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